The Baron's Game Room

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The Baron's Game Room has many different games in development! We create games of all different styles and lengths. We're sure to have something to suit your preferences. You'll find the games that we're currently working on below.


The SUPER COMBO Series is a line of games based off of old arcade fighters like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Virtua Fighter. Each iteration is packed full of references!




The original game of the SUPER COMBO series, SCF is a fighting card game with minor elements of deck building! Play the right combos to pull off awesome special attacks like Fireball and Spinning Piledriver! Use techniques to mold your gameplay style and fight your way! Hit hard, hit fast, and try not to end up facedown in the dirt! FIGHT ON!!!



A twist on Rock-Paper-Scissors, SPF is a quick and entertaining two player card game. Get the advantage over your opponent and create devastating combos! All is not lost, as there are techniques to help you defend yourself. This game is incredibly family friendly, portable, and is great to play while waiting for your food to arrive.



If you've ever played Yahtzee and thought, "I wish I could deal damage with these dice", then SUPER COMBO ROLLERS is for you! This spin off from Combo Fighters is really family friendly and great for all ages. Since the game is rolling and matching dice, older players can help younger players find the correct combinations. Create combos and deal as much damage as you can to come out on top!

Wonton Destruction!

You and your friends are at a picnic enjoying delicious wontons. You're all having a great time laughing and playing when it suddenly goes too far. A wonton falls to the ground. Your vision goes red, a ringing in your ears. It has been decided. You, and you alone, will be the only one to enjoy delicious wontons today.

Wonton Destruction is a fast-paced card game where you strike at, swap, eat, and steal your opponent's wontons! Be sure to block, dodge, and refresh your wontons! The last player with wontons on their plate wins!