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Published Games!

We are so happy to finally have a page with our published games! We appreciate every single person who has purchased or even played any of our games. Without you, we wouldn't be here! Take a look at all of the games we have available below! 


Do you like shiny things and puzzles? Gemblems is a solo puzzle game that fits in the palm of your hand! Draw a few cards, then twist, flip, and move the cards to line up all of the Gemblems, BUT, be sure to follow the rules!

Complete a set of cards by following every rule listed on each card drawn. Fan the cards the other way or even rotate them to obtain access to different Gemblems. Flipping the card over to the other side will reveal a new Gemblem, but will also have a new rule to follow! Either discard the completed puzzle or draw a new card to complete a new high score streak!

Gemblems was created with the thought of reducing time spent mindlessly scrolling on your phone. Perfect for waiting in doctor's offices, car rides, breaks at work; Gemblems fits in your pocket and plays directly in your hands for a great portable game! Available on now! 

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Mini Meeple Melee

Big battle, tiny tin! Choose your character and get ready for battle! With lots of terrain and a modular arena, MMM has great replayability! Traverse the tin and scale The Wall to beat your opponents with your unique skills.

With MMM Fire & Ice, you can DOUBLE your fight! It boasts 6 more heroes, 4 more terrain cards, and another boss. You can combine them together to play with 8 players and even do a Boss vs Boss battle!

The third expansion turns MMM into a dungeon crawler! Set up rooms and discover the excitement of finding treasure and slaying monsters! One wrong roll, and you might fall victim to a trap! Team up or fend for yourself in this adventure.

Lastly, we were lucky to raise enough funds to create a mini expansion! This gives you an additional copy of every terrain card, so no combinations are left out, terrain tiles for you to customize the battlefield, gold colored dice, mini games, and more!

Thanks to you, we had a successful campaign! We will let you know when the pledge manager opens for late pledges. After that, the finalized games will be available on our store!!

Print & Play!

Click the buttons below to get the Print & Play files of the base game, the Fire & Ice expansion, and the Adventures expansion! You'll immediately download a zip folder with everything you need (minus the pieces and tin, of course). Have fun! Let us know what you think!


A small-scale abstract game, Rondol takes its inspiration Mancala, and provides a new spin on it. Play is simple: pick up stacks of chips that you control and play them out either clockwise or counter-clockwise, placing each chip on a space. You can only pick up stacks that have your color on top. The goal? Control 4 stacks of chips in a row, or block out your opponent by controlling all available stacks of chips. Outwit your opponent to seize victory! Then play again.

Taking up a small amount of table space and freeing up your hands was the main design goal of the game. We wanted a game that we could take out to play at dinner and still be able to actually have our hands available to eat when the food arrived, and not have to put the game away instead. It's the game we take out the most! Available on our store now!

The Cure

You are scientists tasked with creating THE CURE. The cure to what? Not important! Work together with your fellow scientists; however, rumor has it that a rival company has attempted to bribe someone to sabotage your efforts... Of course, it is just a rumor, after all.

The Cure is a small hidden role game where you are working together to reach your goal. Players are dealt 12 number cards with the rest set to the side. Then, the cards are placed face down with the new alleged total declared aloud. If suspicion gets too high, a vote may be taken to use a microscope to check the new card played. Once players believe they are close to the goal, they may vote to stop. If the goal is reached, the good players win! If not, the bad player wins. There may be games where there is no bad player, so if the goal is not reached, all of the good players lose because they sabotaged themselves by being too suspicious of each other to reach the goal! Available on now!


Fondly called "battle chess", Vilitum is our first Kickstarted game. If you know how to play chess, you're already halfway there to playing! Instead of moving to capture pieces, you'll move within range and attack! Each piece has its own unique attack, movement (based on chess pieces), and special ability. The 3D version has damage rings that are placed onto the piece. Each piece is just as tall as how much life it has, giving a visual on remaining health.

The first expansion includes 2 Soldier pieces that work best in tandem. They are only compatible with the advanced 7x7 board version of the game.

The second expansion is a Troll piece to cause chaos on the board. Starting in the middle of the board, an 8 sided die is rolled to determine which way he will move. If a piece is in the way, it gets damaged!

We are currently working on a second team of pieces that can either replace the original team or you can mix-and-match for different play.

Be sure to check out our store to get your copy today! Each one is 3D printed by us, or you can get your own .stl files to print at home. A free 2D version of the game is available on this page. Also check out the Deluxe components on!

Click the button below to get the Print & Play file of the 2D version of Vilitum! You'll immediately download a zip folder with everything you need to start playing. Have fun! Let us know what you think!