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Mini Meeple Melee

Big battle, tiny tin! Choose your character and get ready for battle! With lots of terrain and a modular arena, MMM has great replayability! Traverse the tin and scale The Wall to beat your opponents with your unique skills.

With MMM Fire & Ice, you can DOUBLE your fight! It boasts 6 more heroes, 4 more terrain cards, and another boss. You can combine them together to play with 8 players and even do a Boss vs Boss battle!

The third expansion turns MMM into a dungeon crawler! Set up rooms and discover the excitement of finding treasure and slaying monsters! One wrong roll, and you might fall victim to a trap! Team up or fend for yourself in this adventure.

Lastly, we were lucky to raise enough funds to create a mini expansion! This gives you an additional copy of every terrain card, so no combinations are left out, terrain tiles for you to customize the battlefield, gold colored dice, mini games, and more!

Thanks to you, we had a successful campaign! We will let you know when the pledge manager opens for late pledges. After that, the finalized games will be available on our store!!

Print & Play!

Click the buttons below to get the Print & Play files of the base game, the Fire & Ice expansion, and the Adventures expansion! You'll immediately download a zip folder with everything you need (minus the pieces and tin, of course). Have fun! Let us know what you think!


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