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Ah, Vilitum. Our first successfully Kickstarted game! A chess-like game with RPG elements, Vilitum is about strategy and outsmarting your opponent. With your team of 5 units, move and attack your way to victory! Each pieces moves and attacks differently. Play the advanced version of the game, where each piece also has a special ability to add more strategy and excitement. 

The first expansion includes 2 Soldier pieces that work best in tandem. They are only compatible with the advanced 7x7 board version of the game.

Be sure to check out our store to get your copy today! Each one is 3D printed by us, or you can get your own files to print at home. A 2D version of the game is available on this page as well.

Click the button below to get the Print & Play file of the 2D version of Vilitum! You'll immediately download a zip folder with everything you need to start playing. Have fun! Let us know what you think!